Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on the Mustang II

Is the Mustang II essentially a Pinto?

No. while the Mustang II shares some ideas from the Pinto it has a monocoque chassis and a few physical similarities the same as all similar year Ford’s have. there are some common parts (headlights, bulb sockets, etc) however the Mustang II is its own car designed by Lee Lacocca

Is the Mustang II "The Worst Mustang"?
There is no such thing as “a worst Mustang”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we love all Mustangs, they are just different. As the second best selling Mustang ever, and the most sought after one for hot rod parts this little pony car has a lot going for it.
What Engines came in the Mustang II?
The 1974 Mustang II was released with a 2.3L or 2.6L V6 Engine due to the fuel crisis at the time of release however 1975 saw the introduction of the Ford 302 Windsor engine (5.0 V8)
Was there ever a convertible Mustang II?
Mustang Ii Sportiva 1974

Mustang II Sportiva Concept from 1974

Yes, there were a very small amount of convertible Mustang II’s call the Sportiva II however they never saw mass production by Ford There is one lucky owner in the USA of a Mustang II convertible made by a coach builders in Dearborn however and we are very jealous.

Can I submit something to the site?
Yes, we would love to hear from you about anything Mustang II, and your contributions would be very welcome. Please email us;